Parliamentary Perspectives:

A three part study...

Senate image

Senate Gallery

Many people have photographed this national treasure. Myself, I found it impossible to do justice to it, in any single image. In this series of studies, I explore some of the details of Canada's "Upper House".

I dedicate these images to the generations of Architects, Stone Masons, Master Carpenters and Cabinet Makers, Electricians and Caretakers of this space...

House of Commons image

House Gallery

Canada's Parliament is comprised of the House of Commons, for elected Members and the Senate, for appointed Members.

The House of Commons, is a "green gem" at the heart of Canada's democracy. I am, as every Canadian is, indebted to the creators and custodians of this special space.

I dedicate these image to the Caretakers of this Chamber.

Surreal image

Parliamentary Library

Since the dawn of writing; civilizations have attempted to record their workings and accomplishments.

We are indepted, to unsung generations of Librarians of many races, colours and faiths, for our collective written world heritage.

I dedicate these humble works to all those, who have served our Country since 1876... in this space.